viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2016

Changes to my study programme

Hello, people. Today I will talk about changes that could be made to my study programme.

As I told you I am studying Psychology and my career I like so much. I feel in agreement with my academc training in the university, but I think there are some things could be improved about Psychology and Faculty of Social Sciences.

I think theoretical training is very importan and in my career you can develop this training in different areas of Psychology, but practical theory is something that I think it is should improve. You have your only practice on last year and during your career you have practical activities, but they depend on the teacher or the subject and they do not are sure.

Something else that I think can improve is faculty infrastructure. In the faculty there are five careers and more than a thousand students, but library, computers room, dining room and classromms are not ready for all students.

Besides, in this faculty there are teachers who are great researchers and eminences in their areas of knowledge, but they are not pedagogues and they have not studied Education and their some teaching methods do not facilitate student learnings.

I believe these three points that can be improved with commitment and dedication. 

¿What do you think about this topic?

jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2016

Summer Holidays

Hello, people. We are in the middle of november and the summer holidays are coming, so today I will talk about my plans this summer.

This year has been very tired and I urgently need holidays, so this summer I hope to rest a lot and I would visit relaxing and quit places.
The second week of January the Rural Health Works will be carried out on Petorca, Valparaíso, I am going to trainings, but in Psychology there are 70 candidates and only 20 places, I am very enthusiastic and I hope they choose me, I think that is a opportunity for learning about my carreer and future profession.
Besides on January 25 is my birthday, I will turn 21 years old and I would like to go to the beach with my friends to celebrate, I will have age of majority internationally jaja.
In addition, my family and me are preparing a trip to the South in the beginning of February, we would like to do the Route of the Seven Lakes on Panguipulli (Calafquén Lake, Maihue Lake, Neltume Lake, Rancho Lake, Riñihue Lake, Panguipulli Lake and Coñaripe Beach). We have heard that is amazing route and we wanted to go since years. 
I still do no decide what to do at the end of February, but I would like to go to camp.
And abobe all I would like and I hope to rest and sleep so much!

viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2016


Hello, people. Today I will talk about somthing that everybody loves: films!

I love to see films, I go since I was a little girl and actually I go once or twice a month. The first film I saw in the cinema was Tarzan, when I was two or three years ago. My mom always say when (spoiler alert) Tarzan's mom died I started to cry and I wanted to leave the cinema, I don't remember this situacion but all people think that is very funny and cute.
I see all kind of films: Dramas, comedies, science fiction and fantasy films, thrillers, documentaries, horror films, animate cartoons, etc.
I don't choose my favorite film because I like a lot, but a film that I like so much is "Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain" by Jean Pierre Jeunet, this film is a romantic comedy about french girl, a day she decides to help those around her. The story is very cute and the film is visually amazing, besides it has a beautiful soundtrack, all songs were composed by the same author: Yann Tiersen, I recommend it (I listen to it while I study jaja).
Other film I like me so much is "The butterfly effect" by Eric Bress, altought I believe there are overacted scenes, the plot is very interesting. It is a thriller and science-fiction film about a men discovers he can go back to past events of his life and change them. It is a film very intriguing and the end breaks my heart, you must see it!

jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2016


Hello, people. Today I will talk about a posgraduate study I would like to do.

I think it is very important never stop studying, especially in a discipline like Psychology because if you work with people you will require a lot of experience and it is an area that is constantly changing. Besides, Psychology is a very diverse discipline, so in pregrade study you don't reach to deepen in all its areas.
I would like to continue my studies in something related with educational psychology, community psychology and children. In the faculty there is a posgraduate called "Childhood and Public Politics" that I find it interesting, I would interest to study similar something.
I would like to study in another country like Spain, France, Italy or Mexico, but is more likely that, if I actually do it, I would study here, in Universidad de Chile.
If I do any posgraduate I would choose part time classes, so I can work other part of the time and I pay enrollment and montly payment, because I don't want you have any debt. I think the other systems to do posgraduate are as useful as actually being in a classroom with a teacher, but personally I would not enjoy that, because I think that social learning with your teacher and your classmates is so much more rewarding.

jueves, 27 de octubre de 2016

My future job

Hello, people. Today I will talk about my future job or rather the job that I would like to have.

I study Psychology, I am in third year and I have to choose subjects about a area of psychology which I will work. I like Educational Psychology and Community Psychology.
I would like to work with children and teenagers. In a few years I hope to work at community school or community center. I'm interested popular education and I would love to combine my future profession and that interest in my job.
I like to travel a lot as part of my job, but I think that most important in what I will do is I know territory, town or commune where is my place of job. I would not like to spend all my days inside a office, I hope to work in the street, parks and different organizations.
Also I would like to study a major or another career as pedagogy or social work, I think that I use to get another perspective and more knowledge about topic (as well as I love to learn new things).
Besides I would probably like to teach at University within many years, not for now.
I really want to work in this, the people said if you love what you do it will never be a job.

viernes, 21 de octubre de 2016


Hello, people. Today I will talk about Art.

I think Art is very important because you can express your emotions, your feelings and your point of view. Besides it is a way you can leave your stories in the world for the next generations.
Every culture has its own history and form of expression through art and this is important because its a way to make a differece with from each other.
I enjoy art since I was a little girl because I can see the world from the perspective of another person. My parents and aunts used to take me to different museums in Santiago and it is something that I enjoy to this day.
My favourite museum is Bellas Artes because it has a passage that conects with another museum (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo) and they are like two museums in one, it's fantastic!
I don't have any artistic skills but I really enjoy looking at the paintings, sculptures, and art works in general.
Even in my house I can enjoy art, it has many paintings and most of them were painted by my aunt, she is an artist and I can say that she is my favourite artist.

jueves, 13 de octubre de 2016


The music is very important in my life, it accompanies me on my way back to home, on my long way out of the city, when I go to the party with my friends or when I am alone in my room. There is all king of music for different days: when I feel cheerful and I want to dance, when I wake up lazy and I just want to put in my bed.
I like all kind of music, especially I love the cheerful music, it gives me energy and calm music that relaxes me after a long day. I don't like the music that is little harmonic, I think the music should be pleasing to the ears.
Besides I love the concerts in which many band play their songs, I enjoy to listen the bands that I like and at the same time I can meet new bands.
I listen to music online in a application called Spotify, where different artists upload their records and the people can download the app and listen all the musica. The download is free, but you can have premium version for approximately US$5.00 and you can use in your notebook, phone or tablet.
The things I tell us are great instances for you know new music and you increace your horizones of a very important art to the culture.