jueves, 27 de octubre de 2016

My future job

Hello, people. Today I will talk about my future job or rather the job that I would like to have.

I study Psychology, I am in third year and I have to choose subjects about a area of psychology which I will work. I like Educational Psychology and Community Psychology.
I would like to work with children and teenagers. In a few years I hope to work at community school or community center. I'm interested popular education and I would love to combine my future profession and that interest in my job.
I like to travel a lot as part of my job, but I think that most important in what I will do is I know territory, town or commune where is my place of job. I would not like to spend all my days inside a office, I hope to work in the street, parks and different organizations.
Also I would like to study a major or another career as pedagogy or social work, I think that I use to get another perspective and more knowledge about topic (as well as I love to learn new things).
Besides I would probably like to teach at University within many years, not for now.
I really want to work in this, the people said if you love what you do it will never be a job.

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