viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2016

Changes to my study programme

Hello, people. Today I will talk about changes that could be made to my study programme.

As I told you I am studying Psychology and my career I like so much. I feel in agreement with my academc training in the university, but I think there are some things could be improved about Psychology and Faculty of Social Sciences.

I think theoretical training is very importan and in my career you can develop this training in different areas of Psychology, but practical theory is something that I think it is should improve. You have your only practice on last year and during your career you have practical activities, but they depend on the teacher or the subject and they do not are sure.

Something else that I think can improve is faculty infrastructure. In the faculty there are five careers and more than a thousand students, but library, computers room, dining room and classromms are not ready for all students.

Besides, in this faculty there are teachers who are great researchers and eminences in their areas of knowledge, but they are not pedagogues and they have not studied Education and their some teaching methods do not facilitate student learnings.

I believe these three points that can be improved with commitment and dedication. 

¿What do you think about this topic?

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