viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2016


Hello, people. Today I will talk about somthing that everybody loves: films!

I love to see films, I go since I was a little girl and actually I go once or twice a month. The first film I saw in the cinema was Tarzan, when I was two or three years ago. My mom always say when (spoiler alert) Tarzan's mom died I started to cry and I wanted to leave the cinema, I don't remember this situacion but all people think that is very funny and cute.
I see all kind of films: Dramas, comedies, science fiction and fantasy films, thrillers, documentaries, horror films, animate cartoons, etc.
I don't choose my favorite film because I like a lot, but a film that I like so much is "Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain" by Jean Pierre Jeunet, this film is a romantic comedy about french girl, a day she decides to help those around her. The story is very cute and the film is visually amazing, besides it has a beautiful soundtrack, all songs were composed by the same author: Yann Tiersen, I recommend it (I listen to it while I study jaja).
Other film I like me so much is "The butterfly effect" by Eric Bress, altought I believe there are overacted scenes, the plot is very interesting. It is a thriller and science-fiction film about a men discovers he can go back to past events of his life and change them. It is a film very intriguing and the end breaks my heart, you must see it!

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