jueves, 13 de octubre de 2016


The music is very important in my life, it accompanies me on my way back to home, on my long way out of the city, when I go to the party with my friends or when I am alone in my room. There is all king of music for different days: when I feel cheerful and I want to dance, when I wake up lazy and I just want to put in my bed.
I like all kind of music, especially I love the cheerful music, it gives me energy and calm music that relaxes me after a long day. I don't like the music that is little harmonic, I think the music should be pleasing to the ears.
Besides I love the concerts in which many band play their songs, I enjoy to listen the bands that I like and at the same time I can meet new bands.
I listen to music online in a application called Spotify, where different artists upload their records and the people can download the app and listen all the musica. The download is free, but you can have premium version for approximately US$5.00 and you can use in your notebook, phone or tablet.
The things I tell us are great instances for you know new music and you increace your horizones of a very important art to the culture.

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