jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2016


Hello, people. Today I will talk about a posgraduate study I would like to do.

I think it is very important never stop studying, especially in a discipline like Psychology because if you work with people you will require a lot of experience and it is an area that is constantly changing. Besides, Psychology is a very diverse discipline, so in pregrade study you don't reach to deepen in all its areas.
I would like to continue my studies in something related with educational psychology, community psychology and children. In the faculty there is a posgraduate called "Childhood and Public Politics" that I find it interesting, I would interest to study similar something.
I would like to study in another country like Spain, France, Italy or Mexico, but is more likely that, if I actually do it, I would study here, in Universidad de Chile.
If I do any posgraduate I would choose part time classes, so I can work other part of the time and I pay enrollment and montly payment, because I don't want you have any debt. I think the other systems to do posgraduate are as useful as actually being in a classroom with a teacher, but personally I would not enjoy that, because I think that social learning with your teacher and your classmates is so much more rewarding.

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