jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2016

Summer Holidays

Hello, people. We are in the middle of november and the summer holidays are coming, so today I will talk about my plans this summer.

This year has been very tired and I urgently need holidays, so this summer I hope to rest a lot and I would visit relaxing and quit places.
The second week of January the Rural Health Works will be carried out on Petorca, Valparaíso, I am going to trainings, but in Psychology there are 70 candidates and only 20 places, I am very enthusiastic and I hope they choose me, I think that is a opportunity for learning about my carreer and future profession.
Besides on January 25 is my birthday, I will turn 21 years old and I would like to go to the beach with my friends to celebrate, I will have age of majority internationally jaja.
In addition, my family and me are preparing a trip to the South in the beginning of February, we would like to do the Route of the Seven Lakes on Panguipulli (Calafquén Lake, Maihue Lake, Neltume Lake, Rancho Lake, Riñihue Lake, Panguipulli Lake and Coñaripe Beach). We have heard that is amazing route and we wanted to go since years. 
I still do no decide what to do at the end of February, but I would like to go to camp.
And abobe all I would like and I hope to rest and sleep so much!

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