jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2016

A country I would like to visit

Hello, people. Today I talk about a country I would like to visit.
A contry I would like to visit is Greece, this place is known for its important rol in World History. This territorio was cradle of the Greek civilization, which are characterized by development in art, philosophy, sports, mats, theater and other disciplines. 
Grecia stored ruins of famous places like Acropolis Athens, especially the Partenon that is a monument dedicated to goddess Athena; Olympo Mount, a place was home of the gods and goddesses according Greek mythology; Theathre of Dionysus at Athenas dedicated to the god of plays and wine and a lot of important historical sities. I like so much History and I think to know the places give me a new perspective.
Besides Greece have many islands with beautiful beachs of crystal clear waters and very colorfuls ports and cities, I believe that the sunsets can be wonderful.  
I hope to visit this country in the too not distance future.

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